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The Rise And Fall of Azusa

This soul-awakening book gives you a fresh look at the controversial subjects of 

the Godhead, Water Baptism, and the Eternal Sonship of Christ. Tackling the subjects head-on, Bishop Newman’s studious approach meets the challenge with others in mind.  If you are a student of the Word of God, this provocative material is full of rewards, new angles, fresh insights, and revelatory vision from beginning to end.  Fasten your seatbelt and get your mind ready to take a ride up the highway of enlightenment.



This isn't your typical Eve with an apple, Adam out of dust exegesis.  This exposition is a net launched into the debts of creation, enclosed is a multitude of revelations that has broken the net. The author has toiled all night on the sea of creation with God, the return will feed many with wisdom that will sink into your soul as it did mine. This book is a bible student's dream and a preacher's wish come true. 


The Anthology of Communion

This book takes you back to The Last Supper painting you so dearly love, but this time The Christ reaches out from the canvas and you both embrace. The pages become love poems of new understanding between God and the devout follower.

The symphony of human senses the author compares of taste and sight is a balm in modern religious literature. God has unveiled mysteries of our redemption and the purpose of communion to the writer - it's like a decadent dessert. As you open the first page of this book your soul will be watered. The biggest thrill for me is, the composer is my Father.

       -Dr. GreGoryNewman II

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